1.  Turn off all water sources inside and outside of the house

2.   Locate your water meter.

3.   Raise the lid to the meter box.  Open the plastic lid over the meter head so the numbers are displayed.

4.   Write down all numbers in the display 

5.    Wait 5 - 10 minutes without using any water in the house.


6.    Go back to the meter and compare the numbers from the first reading until now.


7.    If the reading is different you have some type of leak in the house which is your responsibility to repair.

(There are various sources of leaks.  The most common is a running commode  which can be checked by using a colored dye in the water tank.  Simply place a few drops of food coloring in the water tank and wait about an hour.  If you see color in the bowl you have a leak around the water stop in the tank.   The leak will allow water into the bowl which will cause the tank to refill.)



8.    If the readings are the same there is no leak.