Madison Suburban Utility District.

Discontinuance of Service

Revised 2-23-2006 Adopted 10-1-2003

It is the policy of MSUD that the customer is responsible for payment of service and other duly authorized charges.

The following are reasons for discontinuance of service:

a) Non-payment of bill or other charges.

b) Failure to comply with utility rules, regulations or policies.

c) Any threat to public health on customer premises.

d) Tampering with utility equipment or stealing service.

Service cut-offs for non-payment of bills will begin on the date stated on the bill. A final date will be printed on the bill for discontinuance date if the bill is not paid.

Utility bills are recurring charges. Failure by the customer to receive a bill will not entitle the customer to be relieved of payment. The customer shall pay all costs associated with the handling of the discontinuance of service and/or any reconnection. Discontinuance of service shall not release the customer from liability for payment for service already received. The MSUD shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from discontinuance of service. A service fee based on meter size will be assessed following the stated cut-off date on the bill.

Service will be reinstated upon payment of the bill and associated fees within the scheduled work hours of service personnel performing the reinstatement service.

MSUD shall have the right to refuse service to an applicant or to any member of an applicant?s household whenever such person is delinquent on any payment to the utility or had his service discontinued because of violation of the regulations or policies of MSUD.


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